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One of the biggest events in Queensland’s caravan, camping and outdoors calendar is set to kick off this Thursday, when Caravanning Queensland rolls into the Brisbane Showgrounds for the Let’s Go Brisbane Caravan and Camping Show, running from Thursday, October 28 to Sunday, October 31.


With Covid restrictions resulting in Queenslanders experiencing more flexibility and adapting to a work-from-home / anywhere lifestyle, camping and caravanning has continued to be the preferred holiday option across Australia, with many ‘Cara-fans’ and young families opting to make it a more permanent option. 

Data from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia shows that parents with their youngest child still at home account for 35 percent of caravanners and campers, making them the largest lifestyle segment for 2020 and a trend that does not appear to be waning in 2021. 

According to Jason Plant, Caravanning Queensland Trade CEO, while grey nomads still lead the convoy, families with young children are quickly catching up as more parents see and experience the benefits of green time over screen time. 

Caravanning Queensland Brisbane show

“With two-thirds of Australians now working from home, many have taken advantage of their new lifestyle flexibility and invested in caravans to spend more time with their families and reconnect with nature,” says Mr. Plant. 

“We’re seeing people of all ages and especially families embrace life on the road, some more permanently, and redefine the meaning of flexible work arrangements. 

“The benefits of these lifestyle changes are well documented, research from the ‘Real Richness’ report highlights families who go caravanning and camping are happier, more optimistic, less stressed and the holiday style is a great opportunity for children to learn important life skills.” 

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This growing wanderlust for the nomad life is positive news for the upcoming Let’s Go Brisbane Caravan and Outdoor Show which offers something for all levels of explorers, from novices to experienced nomads. 

Kicking off from Thursday, October 28, the Show offers the perfect opportunity for new or seasoned caravanners to prepare for their next outdoor adventure, discover new and exciting tech, brush up on old skills, learn new ones or get hands-on with a great range of activities. 

Weekend adventurers Todd and Alissa, hit the road with their family most weekends as they see the benefits of getting back to basics and spending quality time with their children in the great outdoors. 

Caravanning Queensland Brisbane Show caravans

Alissa notes that disconnecting from the everyday and being out in nature enjoying the van life has not only improved her health but also brought the family closer together. 

“Added to this, through camping, our children have learned basic life skills such as making campfires, campfire cooking, bushwalking, and using their imagination to make up games,” she says. 

“They’ve also made new friends and had to say goodbye to others when the holiday is over, teaching them the importance of valuing connections and appreciating every moment.” 

This experience directly reflects recent data from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia which showed more than 90 percent of campers believed caravan and camping trips enabled children to learn about the environment, taught them how to engage socially, and brought families closer together. 

For anyone itching to hit the road this Christmas, or wanting to learn more about the lifestyle, Caravanning Queensland’s Let’s Go Brisbane Caravan & Outdoor Show provides opportunities to chat with industry experts and attend masterclasses on items such as weights, safe towing techniques, and how to correctly load your caravan. 

Caravanning Queensland  Brisbane show drone view

According to Mr. Plant, the COVID-safe event will showcase over 100 exhibitors including the newest models of caravans, motorhomes, campervans, camper trailers, tent trailers, recreational products, and accessories. 

Caravanning Queensland’s Let’s Go Brisbane Caravan and Outdoor Show will be setting up camp from Thursday, October 28 to Sunday, October 31 at the Brisbane Showgrounds. Gates open from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm daily. For tickets or further information, please visit the Let’s Go Brisbane Caravan and Outdoor Expo website

By Marty Ledwich

Marty Ledwich is a writer and photographer who is on the road full-time with his wife, Kylie, towing their off-road Roadstar caravan with a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series. Marty was a volunteer in the Victoria Sate Emergency Service for 30 years and has travelled extensively around Australia.

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